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Supplementary Submission of Faruque Ahmed to the NSW Upper House Inquiry

Supplementary Submission of Faruque Ahmed to the NSW Upper House Inquiry

The NSW Transport Workers Union leaderships have been stabbing the taxi drivers’ back since 1984! I have provided a plethora of valid documentation in my electronic submission as electronic links format to demonstrate this burning issue. Yet, no one bothered to ask me any question about this issue, or any other issues for that matter!! During my so called in person presentation someone posed a question, “… why are there so many competing organsiations for taxi drivers … ?“. I have requested time to contemplate the question, without any success so far.

Taxi drivers of NSW are desperately seeking protection from the rape and pillage of the ‘protected’ NSW TWU leadership. I suspect, this Inquiry is not going to do anything about these monumental injustices. I also suspect, five fundamental points I have canvassed in my Preamble will be ignored in favor of the powerful taxi mafia interests.

I failed to see how this Inquiry can clean up the taxi industry for the benefit of the state and public. I rather smelled a very strong and powerful addiction to protect the mafia interest by protecting the superciliously inflated taxi plate value! This so called taxi ‘plate value:

1. Is a negative factor for the whole industry and entire society of ours!

2. Can not improve service to the public.

3. Can not improve taxi drivers’ safety.

4. Will increase corruption.

5. Will attract money laundering and other types of crimes.

6. Can not be beneficial for the society.

Inciting the Traveling Public against the Taxi Drivers of NSW and Howard Harrison of Taxi Council Limited are only a few more examples of taxi mafia inspired attacks against taxi drivers. As I promised, I intend to deliver the pamphlet in question and if you care to listen, I will explain about the dangerous way the Taxi Council Limited mobs handed them over at many areas of the city at that time.

I have demonstrated the power and arrogance of the taxi mafia in my A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry and Beyond A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry. Surprise! Surprise!! My Preamble, A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry and Beyond A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry were kept out of site. Even my Humorous Submission with Reality is out of bound!!! I do not know why is it so?

My Written Submission’s electronic links (evidence) are also not available for public consumption and scrutiny. During my In Person Presentation I felt that I am squeezed.

Everybody know it and it is also reported that the taxi mafia managed to silence and sabotage 20 inquiries and outcome of those inquiries! In light of a very tragic and dirty historical background do we have a hope for better outcome?

I don’t think so.

The NSW Taxi Council Limited (compulsory club) and NSW taxi Industry Association (compulsory union) have been representing the taxi mafia interest with the assistance of the NSW Transport Workers Union, NSW Transport and Infrastructure and host of other organisations. Alas! This time the NSW Taxi Drivers’ Association too, joined in the queue to protect the taxi mafia interests and a small clique is bold enough to sack the elected secretary without any reason or due process of law.

Anyway, history will judge us. Who ever thought Hitler, Mussolini, … will be in the dustbin of the history?

Howard Harrison of Taxi Council Limited

Taxi Council Limited spokesperson Howard Harrison made opportunistic and silly statement in radio 2UE today. He went on to incite against taxi drivers based on false and fabricated reason and ground.

Faruque Ahmed made a phone call to 2UE’s Two Murray’s Show for a right of reply. They ignored his call. He then, went on to hide his caller identity and 2UE switch people picked up phone very quickly! Faruque Ahmed told them who he was and what he want to talk about. The embarrassed producer recognised Faruque Ahmed and he promised him to call back. In reality he did not.

The reason is very simple. Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE) is at work!! They can not answer Faruque Ahmed therefore they have decided to block him and follow the true Australian Values inspired by John Howard – The Lying Son of A Bitch!!!

However, the message of Faruque Ahmed is very simple and clear. Taxi Drivers’ are doing it tough. Taxi Drivers are not “cherry picking”, Howard Harrison of Taxi Council Limited should refrain from inciting against taxi drivers.

Commercial media outlets as evidenced by Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE) and Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) must not compromise their intelligence and integrity for mighty dollar.

Faruque Ahmed

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Inciting the Traveling Public against the Taxi Drivers of NSW

Faruque Ahmed

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General Manager

Workcover NSW

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GOSFORD NSW 2250, Australia
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Re: Breach of Duty of Care Provision of the NSW OH&SA by Inciting the Traveling Public against the Taxi Drivers of NSW

Dear Sir/Madam

NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd (NSWTCPL) has delivered a Christmas present for taxi drivers by inciting the traveling public through various means, including the attached brochure. This private profit making company has also used false representation and false advertising on the brochure concerned by specifically putting themselves forward as the NSW Taxi Council when in fact it is not a "council" or anything of that nature. This NSWTCPL does not represent the taxi industry or drivers in the first place. Most importantly, the claim of "Cherry picking" has no foundation whatsoever.

For your kind information I am appending NSWTCPL brochure on "Cherry Picking", TAXI COUNCIL ON "CHERRYPICKING" and Taxi Driver Bashing of the NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd. As reported in the 7.30 Report on ABC that Cabcharge P/L and companies connected with the NSW TCPL are financial contributors to the NSW Labor Party and I hope because of those financial links, justice and fairness won't be compromised.

I therefore request you to take the necessary action by prosecuting the NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd and to further prevent any breaching of the Duty of Care Provisions of the NSW OH&SA due to NSW TCPL's blatant and wrongful incitement towards the taxi traveling pubic against the taxi drivers of NSW.

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Monday, December 22, 2008

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