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Treasurer Peter Costello Re: Taxi Mafia Crime Spree

Faruque Ahmed
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5 April 2007

The Hon Peter Costello MP
Parliament House

Re: Australian Taxation Office Inquiry

Dear Treasurer,

Two taxi industry executives namely John Bowe and Howard Harrison admitted under oath, in front of CC Connor of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (Matters 4181/544 2004):
A. They have been lying to the courts and commissions,
B. They have been making false and fabricated submission at the courts and commissions,
C. They have been denying workers lawful entitlements most of the time and
D. They have been double dipping the taxman by claiming tax relief for unpaid workers entitlements.

Only last year, we have proven in front of three eminent Federal Judges of the Australian Competition Tribunal (Matter No 3 of 2005) that the same lot of taxi industry leaders have:
i. Failed to tell the truth to the Australian Trade Practices Commission,
ii. Mislead the Australian Trade Practices Commission and
iii. Used racism to obtain some authorisation for their advantage.

Ideally speaking, these proceeds of crime (hundreds of million dollars) should have been seized and utilised for public and workers safety and welfare.

Ironically, these are the same people who are involved with:
1. Taxis Combined Pty Ltd,
2. Combined Communications Network Pty Ltd
3. Cabcharge Australia Pty Ltd
4. Taxi Council Pty Ltd.
5. NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd.

In light of the above and many more allegations, as well as public a good and safety at this stage we would like to request the Australian Security Intelligence Commission and Australian Taxation Office to open appropriate investigations to ensure people involved with the above mentioned public and private companies are fit and proper person and adhering laws and regulations of the land accordingly.

It also came to my attention that the NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd was registered under your department and to the best of my understanding the application of registration was not based on true facts and grounds.

With thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

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