Sunday, April 15, 2007

IPART and Taxi Mafia Lies

Please consult with my letters to the IPART Chairman, Minister for Transport regarding labour component and reply received from them on that time. Most of you would have a copy as I have given them to you earlier. It would be pertinent to have a copy of the TDA submission, assisted by me - submitted under the name of Jools and reported in the Cabbie about taxi mafia lies as per my four 'infamous' letters.

I remain strong.

--- In, "Ted Hirsch" wrote:

A letter from IPART was cleared from our PO Box on Friday 13 April 07.The letter is dated 5 April 07 addressed to me at NSW TDA. (How IPART know my name is a small "mystery")

The letter advises :- Submissions for the annual taxi fares review are due by 23 April 07. Submissions should address the Terms of Reference on the Tribunal website. The Final Report on the Review of Regulation for Taxis is on the Tribunal website.
Signed by James Cox

For information, How should we reply to this letter?

--- In, "mamubhi" wrote:

Statements contained in these links are true and accurate. Faruque Ahmed already delivered them to the relevant Ministers for action. So join the team and assist us to clean up the taxi industry instead of attacking each other for nothing.

--- In, "Robert" wrote:

if all that bullshit was true - how come they're not in jail?
last I heard NSW was part of oz and the rule-of-law stood.... can you keep your hallucinations to yourself - as I haven't the time to verify every crazy accusation that self-demented halfwits care to idly post!
no wonder the tda down there is in loads of bother!
just so you know mate .... lying under oath is perjury and is a criminal offence!

--- In, "mamubhi" mamubhi@ wrote:

Have a look if you want to.

Treasurer Peter Costello Re: Taxi Mafia Crime Spree

Australian Security Commission Inquiry Re: Taxi Mafia Crime Spree

NSW Minister for Transport Re: Taxi Mafia Crime Spree

NSW Attorney General Re: Taxi Mafia Crime Spree

Sydney Taxi Corruption

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