Sunday, April 22, 2007

IPART is the Joke

IPART is the Joke!

Joolsie's organization is nothing but a self-serving confusion. The IPART under NSW Labor is a joke.

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IPART is the play - thing of the state govt.Why?The NSW govt is anxious to keep inflation down in the state- that means keeping cab fares down. ....but the mining lease for whacking on a premium to Sydney taxi fares is already staked out by a certain taxi credit card company-these guys really know their stuff- they contributeheavily to political coffers.QED taxi drivers GO TO HELL


The Taxifixer is dead right! It's highly unlikely that IPART would ever recommend that taxi fares should increase by more than the CPI.Taxi drivers' organisations should only make submissions to IPART as part of a wider strategy that has to include the use of other tactics includingindustrial action to enforce their demands.But to have the capacity to do this would require that drivers' organisations maintain a sizeable membership base whose morale and interest is kept high by aninclusive and active organisational life. Only such an organisation could sufficiently motivate drivers toput their livelihoods on the line by risking a strike.Joolsie's organisation, the ATDA, is a one-man show with about half a dozen hangers-on. When IPART tells Joolsie, thanks for your submission, Mr. Jools, but piss off, that's what Joolsie has to do because he has no recourse to any other tactic, except to wait for another year, waste time drafting another submissionand then be told to piss off again.Will Joolsie ever learn? Not if his past record is any indication - this is his sixth submission to IPART.


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