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Justice Edwards Report

Justice Edwards Report

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-The Report of Justice HG Edwards to the NSW Parliament in March 1940 can be viewed at the NSW Industrial Commissionlibrary at the cnr of Phillip and Bridge St Sydney.Anyone who wants a copy write to me and I will in time send a photocopy of it . The Edwards Report lays the foundation for theBeattie Report that came 28 years later and was basically a response to the flagrant exploitation in the industry of bailee taxidrivers at the time of the Great Depression.The owners were breaking all manner of industrial law as they still do today and Edwards decreed that things like drivers be guaranteed an entitlement to so many shillings in the pound retention of the total interesting read.It is curious that this state has done more than most jurisdictions across the world to establish legal rights for cabbies and yet cabbies are as mercilessly exploited as almost anywhere in the developing or developed countries- the only time that I'm aware of when Sydney cabbies really made money wasin the 60's - 70's durring the American R in R Vietnam.


Thanks for your effort.Edwards J 1940's was one of the NSW cases which apparently questions Coglan. The austlii database only starts off at 1985.Thought you or one of The Lurkers might have been familiar with it.--------------------------------------If anyone knows anything about this case it'll be Taxifixer.

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